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Are you a professional writer looking up for the Guest post? You are most welcome to write for us if you can follow the guidelines mentioned below and express your views. Every blog admin always welcomes a professional writer if they profess skills and excellence in their field.

The Aarif Habeeb blog is a leading, and a unique digital blog for the people who need help regarding digital strategies, and people can express their knowledge to help people in this respective field. We always welcome guest authors and what can be better than people helping other people through their experience! After all, spreading knowledge is the most significant deeds of all.

We provide facilities like guiding and helping to expand your business online and with an adequate digital strategy. Hence, people with proper knowledge can write for us on topics like IoT, digital marketing, SEO’s, technology, etc. Even if you have any unique ideas, then you are free to mail us. Guest authors are welcomed and are given importance if they possess proper knowledge regarding this field. Moreover, we are always looking for people who can write useful content and help out people who reach us. Although there is no pressure regarding the knowledge, if you can explain any topic to the audience and make any influence, you will be entertained by us.

Although, we strictly avoid spammers and SEO nomads and are hence a bit selective of your choices with the guest authors. But anyways, if you are capable, then what are you waiting for? We would like to hear out your pitch and give it a go. A good writer must have some knowledge regarding what they are writing, and having experience in this field is always a plus; mind-map some topics in which you think you can write upon and with an interactive heading, give the subject a chance to open your heart out.

While mailing us, feel free to show us your other works and sample and experiences in the past company, some show off regarding your work is always welcome and makes a candidate stand out from others.

Read below the essential aspects through which we focus on selecting our writers, even if you are a content writer or a copywriter, feel free to send your pitch.

 Write for us – Tech and on Many More Topics

Points that Increases the probability of Publishing of your Article:

One should always know the points on which they are being judged, and hence for your ease, we are mentioning all the points which will increase the chances of publishing your article.

  • The content produced should always be original and should not be plagiarized from any source. One should ever express their ideas, although they are free to browse sites to generate ideas. But, their word should be of their own!
  • Any article should be of almost 700-1500 words. Short essays can be claimed as blogs that are not a good sign as you will be applied as content or copywriter and length of the article matters.
  • Content should be gripping and informative; it should attract an audience and influence people, repetition of the same information should not take place & make people bore.
  • Add relevant images and make them interactive and expressing. Always keep keywords with proper paragraph formatting and heading.

Points we dislike and are highly discouraging:

Writers should follow proper etiquette and respect while expressing their views on articles of any topic. What you are generating influences a significant number of people, which can either help you accelerate your career or even can put you back and put a stop on your job.

The points mention below are some ethics of writers, whether for this company or some other, but if one needs to succeed, then these can be the golden mantras for your endeavor.

  • Duplicacy of content is highly discouraging; we always check the material thoroughly if the ideas are written by the author or are just copied or re-written through any referenced article. If you undertake these practices, then this may lead to blacklisting and won’t entertain any further articles by you.
  • Poorly or meaningless contents do not attract the audience, and hence the article should grip people; if not so then we will be sad to exclude your content, which will be disheartening for us to do so.
  • Any piece which possesses grammatical mistakes will be eliminated, people who read our contents have tremendous knowledge and will not be satisfied with sparse and fragmented content. Hence, we advise you to go through your article and make it error-free before the submission.


What we Publish

Any article with almost 700 to 1500 words are welcomed. The length of the material always matters, but at the same time, quality should never be compromised as the quality is ever given more importance than quantity. All the genres and topics are mentioned above in the description if you find yourself suitable for this task.

How to Submit

Our emails are always open for you day or night, whether a PDF or a Google Document, will be accepted. If you have already made up a suitable article, feel free to mail us at aarifhabeeb@hotmail.com, and we will go through your article. Moreover, if you are lucky enough and your article reached our expectations, then you will be reverted by us in the same email through which you send your content. We are always waiting for your articles and feel free to reach out, but any unnecessary query is highly discouraged that may waste both of our precious time. We always are excited to read the entires through guest authors. Any people with knowledge and skill are welcomed by us and is treated with all the respect and dignity. Moreover, this can be a perfect platform for your pitch and help you accelerate your career.

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