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"Whatever you can do or dream you can, Begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now."
Hey! My Name is Aarif Habeeb "Naam Toh Suna He Hoga". I am a SEO Expert in Jaipur -currently working at WeDigTech. I have a SEO Company called Digital Marketing Crab. And I also write about Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media in blogs such as WeDigTech or Mozrif, sharp SEO and speak at college conferences. I can help you to establish and optimize your websites, increase visibility, traffic and conversions. My mission always works less. Accomplish More live life on your terms. I make this possible only for you with my power of true focus. I help businesses truly work smarter, not harder. Over the past 3 year, I worked with many of the Jaipur best known companies, including Ranas, EHCC Eternal Hospital, Crazora, Technocrab, Nodia publication, Amira Creations & many others. I call myself SEO Geek Yes, I am a Geek. But I am a Geek who can help make you more Money. In sort, I love helping my clients unlock their search position and get high position or boost their conversions

SEO Expert Jaipur

You landed here because you need a SEO expert in Jaipur like me or you are looking for a Jaipur based SEO consultant. Right! You made an amazing decision to come here because you would not have to look any other inexperienced guy. Before I show why you are loving to work with me. Let me tell you why SEO is best Marketing tool.

Why SEO is better than all other Marketing:

There is no best and affordable way to market your business online than SEO. If you know any other tool better than SEO please share with others. Sharing is caring! SEO is an evergreen lead generation tool. You just need to rank your website, you will continue to get new leads in the form of customers. Even if you decide to stop the contract with me. Now you are likely wondering, Who am I? Just keep reading you know yourself that you are on right page.

Why I am Different from Others

Let me show you few reasons why I am better than others seo agency experts.
1.I am expert in SEO or I only do SEO: Unlike other seo experts or seo companies, I am specialize in search engine optimization. I proud of myself on not being the Yelp of marketing services. I believe that focusing 100% of my effort on SEO stand me out of crowd.
2.I use this tool to grow my own business: There are Digital Marketing Expert in Jaipur that get all their leads from direct calling, thousands of spamming emailing and paid advertising.This is ludicrous. I am a men of words that walks the walk not just talks the talk because I get my all seo leads from organic search.
3.SEO in my DNA: I live and breathe seo science I specialize in. There is not anything that I don't know or that I am not test. I love and live it every day.
4.I have real Results: I have ranked hundreds of keywords which are top on google first page. Even I am also rank on google first page on seo expert Jaipur but, that does not excite me as much as watching my clients get results.
5.I use a proven System: While some other digital marketing experts believe in use all tricks and technique just like throwing at the wall. I use systemized strategy for getting results. All SEO strategy are white hat. I believe in working for users not for search engine. When you work for users search engine work for you because the ultimate goal of search engine to deliver best result to its uses.
6.I know the importance of Communication: I'll never leave you in the dark about my term and condition of working. I believe that clear communication is the key to the success of your business. That means you will never have to worry about the results and working with your site.
7.Famous people Trust me: Hundreds of clients land on my website and blog every day to learn how to increase website rank, how to increase traffic. I have featured on various blogs like …..
I hope you know that why I am differ from other SEO companies inexperienced executives. Now let me show you what I am going to do different for your business.

How I can rank and grow your business website:

There are many ways to rank a website when it comes to SEO. But I just think that my way is the best and only way to rank a website.

Here is what I do:

SEO Audit: I always start with initial SEO audit it gives us all the detail that I need about website, business, and industry. The audit will allow us to create a customized SEO proposals for business.
Make Customize solution: I don't have fixed seo packages they do not work for me because every business is different and has different market and competitor. That's why I will never offer pre define seo package. I develop a customized package for every different website.

Want to Hire SEO Expert in Jaipur?

When it comes to SEO Expert Jaipur, a list of the myriad experts appears online. In this crowd of SEO experts, how will you opt for a right one who fulfils your expectations? SEO is an ever changing world every day, search engines are undergoing several changes in search Algorithms. These changes have made SEO more difficult to get desired results on search engine result page. Thus, in this situation, only an expert SEO Jaipur can help you to bring your company forward in search engine rankings.

Take Benefit Of SEO Services Right Away?

To get desire result for your online business, hiring an adept Digital marketing consultant is a good idea. If you think SEO is easy and you can use those drowsy Search Engine Optimisation techniques on your own to save your money, then it will not work to improve ranking. Getting top rank in Google is not as easy as you think. For achieving your goals, you have to spend some money on hiring an SEO Consultant in Jaipur like Me.

Content Writer in Jaipur

As an Expert Freelance content writer in Jaipur I have the experience and expertise write unique content that help to improve your company's rankings, visibility, and bottom line.

Why Hire a Content Writer in Jaipur

Why should you make the investment in hiring a content writer? The answer is a simple one: I am Jaipur based SEO and content writing Expert and having the 3 year of experience, expertise, and resources to get you the digital marketing results you want in less time. I will boost your brand's visibility and improve your company's bottom line via content marketing.

You can trust over me and I will provides you quality content that you can trust.


Web Design

PHP, WordPress

Pay Per Click

Social Media

Content Writing



2011 - 2014



Gyan Vihar University

I have Completed Master Degree in Computer Application in 2014 from the SGV University Jaipur.

2008 - 2011



MDS University Ajmer

I have Completed Bachelor Degree in Computer Application in 2011 from the MDS University Ajmer.

2012 - 2013


Diploma DEGREE OF SEO & Digital Marketing

Rajasthan University

I have Completed Diploma Degree in SEO & Digital Marketing in 2013 from the Raj University Jaipur.


2016 - Now


SEO Analyst

I am currently working as a Sr. SEO Analyst and Content Writer at WeDigTech – A mobile app development company. Here I build high quality link through Content Outreach, Infographic outreach, Guestography outreach, resource outreach.

Jan-15 - Des-2015

Technocrab Solutions

SEO Team Leader

I was a SEO Team leader at Technocrab Solution. As a team SEO leader I was responsible for SEO strategy, keyword research, content research, client management, PPC Adwords management. I also provide training to my team members.

2014 - Nov-2015

Technocrab Solutions

Social Media Analyst

I got placement as a sr Social media Marketing Executive at Technocrab Solution. I play major role in developing all social media strategy for our clients. I am expert in Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram marketing. Feel free to Follow me


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  • We had been very impressed by Aarif’s ability to deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes our vision.

    Sam L. J. - Pulp Fiction

  • Aarif Habeeb is outstanding. It helped me over the last year in improving my Keywords Rank on Google.

    Sam L. J. - Pulp Fiction



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