11 Link Building Ideas For High-Quality Link Building in 2023


Before going into the in-depth analysis of the ideas which can be used for high-quality link building, we must be clear as to what are good links? These links are sometimes difficult to get. A good SEO analyst would always try to go after the more difficult links than the easier ones. This is a distinct quality of successful businesses that they do not go for what is easy. They always strive for quality over quantity and are never content with crummy links.   

One should always make sure that in addition to being a link that will be beneficial for SEO, it must also be able to draw relevant traffic. If it does that, then wow! it’s a great link to pursue, otherwise not so. The links should also be able to put you in the view of a potential customer base and also build a high reputation for your business.

These are some actionable link building tips that are given by some of the topmost SEO experts for high-quality link building:

High-Quality Link Building in 2023

1. Try to write creative but consistent content

Such type of content is quite engaging and draws links naturally to your website. Mostly these days, many of the businesses are reluctant to do something outside of the box and are not able to write engaging enough content. In our opinion try to make your content highly creative and appealing but also keep in mind its’ consistency in order to make it more beneficial.

2. Influence Competitive Brand Links

The best combination for immediate and actionable link building as of now is to leverage competitive brand links and those links that have still not linked. Although, I agree that it’s self augmenting but it is quite necessary. If you do a query, you’ll see a list of webpages that have your mention but couldn’t quite link to your site. In your own interest, you can contact those people and ask for attribution. This way you can get many superior perspective links.

3. Stop Learning about Link Building and Start practicing it –

It is said that actions speak louder than words. So, stop reading about link building and start doing it. Try to approach bloggers and resources in the area of your functioning. You should offer some time and resources to those people of your industry.  Also, try to obtain the easier links by scouring the rival’s backlinks. Try to get as many links as possible and construct even more.

4. Make use of Visual Assets to Build Links

Visual Assets are very fashionable and necessary in the field of link building today. The static visual elements look very unattractive and have much lesser chances of link building than animated and graphical links. What is meant here is that it is much better to show people than to tell them. A more visually appealing link is bound to get liked and is also highly likely to be passed around.

5. Build links to develop Domain Authority

It is always beneficial to build as many links as you can so that to improve the chances of linking with superior links. Furthermore, a good quantity of effective links also helps to develop a domain authority over the competitors.

6. Seek out more linking opportunities

Most often while doing link building, we come across a page which is about the main theme of the campaign. This usually happens when you notice an excellent resource on your website and want to create a lot of links to it. This is a beneficial link building activity. It is actually good for your site from the SEO point of view and you should try to practice it as often as you can.

7. Creating a Highly creative product

In order to be successful and gain superb links to your site, you have to be highly creative. You should also be concerned about traffic, sales, and brand links. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get links is to create buzz for your brand by selling a weird product. It can either be real or a fake one but aimed just to build links. There are many such companies that do this effectively to promote their brands such as Australia’s Kogan.

8. Evaluate Backlink Data of Top Opponents with your Own

This is a very elementary but important step in the process of effective link building. It involves, comparing the backlinking data of some of the key competitors with your own data. This can be easily done by using the link building tools of one’s choice. Now, put this comparative data in a spreadsheet along with your own and then pivot to locate sites linking to those of the competitors but not your sites. If you get domains linking to more than a single competitor, there are more than average chances that you could get one also.

9. Acquire testimonial links –

For this, you need to remember of some service which you like and appreciate truly. Check out their testimonial page and offer your own testimony page to be added over there. However, make sure that you offer testimonials to only those companies that you really appreciate and would provide a positive review.

10. Change non-linking Brand sites into Links

This can be usually done by 2 main tools that are fresh Web Explorer and Social Mention. It is set up and monitored daily to make sure that the PR team can benefit from it while it is still in the memory and relevant enough.

11. Stay Compliant With Exploration Quality Guidelines

If you are dealing with an entry-level business then the most vital actionable link building advice would be to remain compliant with exploration quality guidelines. Thus it is important to ensure that you avoid participation in schemes that breach exploration quality guidelines. Furthermore, it is advisable to investigate those areas where links could be easily and quickly acquired.

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