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    Aarif Habeeb is an SEO expert in Delhi who provides SEO services in Delhi area. Over the last 8 years, he helped many small businesses and startups with SEO services. He is the #1 ranked SEO expert and Consultant in Delhi. Feel Free to discuss your project with him.

    How to hire SEO Expert in Delhi – A true expert Guide:

    What is SEO & why should you opt this?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the trending approach to improve a website’s visibility on search engines like Google or Microsoft Bing and others, where people search for products/services and information on trending topics. The better your website visibility is on search engines, the more likely people will find and click on you. Ultimately, the primary goal of search engine optimization is to attract website visitors who later convert into paying customers or an audience that keeps coming back to the site.


    SEO architecture describes how you can categorize, structure and interlink content on your website. It is also known as website architecture and encompasses all aspects of the site’s hierarchical structure. A good website structure can help improve user navigation and offers search engine crawlers an in-depth understanding of the relationship between web pages.

    Some of the critical factors of SEO ranking on search engines, like Google, are

    • High-quality content
    • Advanced keyword selection
    • Experience, expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness
    • Implementing backlinks
    • Good site architecture and design
    • Improved user experience
    • Page speed
    • On page optimization
    • Mobile-friendly website

    Why your website need SEO optimization

    Most customers today depend on search engines to find everything from travel and restaurant recommendations to B2B software providers, professional and financial service providers, and all others. It means no matter what your business offers, you need an attractive and SEO-optimized website to target your audience.

    Here are a few reasons why your website needs SEO optimization:

    • Helps in building brands
    • Generates more traffic
    • Boosts credibility and authority
    • Helps your target audience find your website
    • Keeps you ahead of your competitors
    • Improves user experience
    • Impacts the research and buying cycle
    • Multiply your impact on the market

    Whom to Opt for – Freelancer SEO Expert in Delhi or an Expert SEO Agency in Delhi?

    SEO is vital for establishing an online presence, simplifying lead generation and increasing organic traffic. No matter whether you’re looking for a freelancer SEO expert in Delhi or an expert SEO agency in Delhi, you need to assess their expertise, resources, and budget.

    While in-house SEO consultants can better understand your brand, establishing a full team with the required skills takes a lot of time and is costly. Outsourcing to a freelancer expert or an agency is a budget-friendly solution that helps you save time on marketing and gain access to their expertise and specializations.

    Both SEO freelancer experts and agencies can be helpful for your business, but the latter gives you more opportunity to meet a team of experts instead of working with one. A firm can provide you with various SEO-related services under one umbrella and usually works with top-level experts in the market who strive to deliver the best results.

    What are the Signs of an Expert SEO Services Provider in Delhi?

    Any expert SEO services provider in Delhi must have 5+ years of industry experience, understand and implement the latest SEO algorithm, and, most importantly, have experience in your industry. Some of the signs of an expert SEO provider in Delhi are:

    • Offers website audit services
    • Performs advanced keyword research
    • Ensures top-quality traffic generation
    • Does your competitors’ analysis
    • Understands three levels of SEO
    • Helps with local SEO
    • Offers content marketing services
    • Produces performance reports

    Benefits of Being Found On the #1 Page of Google

    Studies say that being found on the first page of Google ensures getting the majority of clicks from people doing an online search to find relevant products or services. Some other benefits include:

    • Generating more traffic to your website
    • Enhance customer engagement
    • Increasing your business authority and authenticity in the industry
    • Building a better brand image and recognition
    • Reducing cost per lead generation
    • Getting an opportunity to convert leads into paying customers

    SERVICES THAT Aarif Habeeb PROVIDES YOU AS SEO freelancer in Delhi?

    Aarif Habeeb ranked among the top SEO experts and consultants with 7+ years of experience and worked with brands of different shapes and sizes. His skills surround digital marketing, SEO, PPC, social media, content writing, and website design. What makes him different from others is using organic search to generate SEO leads and avoiding using direct calling, spam emailing, and advertising techniques. Additionally, he focuses on White hat SEO strategies which several other SEO experts in Delhi are not using today. His range of services includes the following.

    • SEO audits
    • SEO strategy
    • Local SEO
    • E-commerce SEO
    • Keyword Research
    • Website audit and optimization
    • High-quality link building
    • Reporting and Analysis
    • SEO project management
    • SEO training
    • SEO consultancy
    • SEO advice

    Top 10 SEO Experts in New Delhi, IN

    1.   Romil Tripathi

    Ramil Tripathi, a 10-year experienced advanced level SEO consultant in Delhi and Google certified AdWords expert, provides 100% legit and White Hat expert SEO. He helps you analyze and review websites and offers expert advice, guidance and recommendation to business owners looking for natural search engine traffic and higher-ranking positions.

    2.   Sandeep Mehta

    Sandeep Mehta ranks among the top SEO experts in New Delhi with an experience of more than 5 years and working with numerous clients across diverse backgrounds and industries. He helps you generate quality and quantity traffic to your website and organic search results.

    3.   Jeewan Garg

    Jeewan Garg, one of the best, if you are an expert in New Delhi, offers top-notch digital marketing and SEO quality services for online businesses. He has worked successfully with over 1500 businesses over 12 years and believes in performing legal SEO practices like White hat SEO.

    4.   Varghese Manickathan

    Varghese Manickathan, one of the top SEO experts in Delhi, helps local businesses to rank on the first page of Google and generate more business leads. He offers Google Ads services as certified by Google and deals with local SEO services in multiple niches using Google-approved SEO techniques at affordable cost.

    5.   Aditya Khanna

    Aditya Khanna is an SEO consultant in Delhi and a performance SEO expert helping brands with best SEO practices to improve leads and sales. He has a long track record of delivering the best services to brands across multiple niches and improving their online business multifold.

    6.   Tech Shubham

    Tech Shubham is a leading SEO expert in New Delhi with years of experience providing the best SEO services for clients’ websites. The focus is on achieving the top search engine ranking for the targeted keywords. They can optimize your website, manage versatile project management tools, and bring sales revenue at an affordable price.

    7.   Jagdish Prajapat

    Jagdish Prajapat is one of the best SEO experts in Delhi who can transform a small business into a big brand, take them to millions of people online and find potential customers. He is considered among the top 5 India’s best SEO experts for his intense experience and dedicated work that brings guaranteed results.

    8.   Sanjay Choubey

    Sanjay Choubey is a popular SEO expert who ensures websites are better positioned in search engines that generate quality leads and drive performance. He has years of digital marketing experience offering on-page and off-page SEO services.

    9.   Saroj Kumar

    Saroj Kumar is an experienced SEO expert with several years of experience in SEO and digital marketing, and have connections with Google Keywords Planner, Search Console, Google Analytics, and SEMRush Tools. He has extensive knowledge of Email Marketing, SMO, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search.

    10. Anandkjha

    Anandkjha is a top SEO expert and consultant in New Delhi who can help you generate more leads and sales and reach the right audience. He offers various services, including link building, content research, and digital analytics.


    ●    Is there any guarantee of SEO results?

    No matter how expert an SEO individual or an agency is, their experience and the strong track records they have, guaranteeing SEO results is simply not possible. However, you can see SEO results within 3-6 months.

    ●    By when can we expect first-page rankings on Google?

    You need at least three to six months before ranking on the first page on Google only when you are delivering quality content and optimizing your website structure for search engines.

    ●    Which is better, SEO or Google Ads?

    SEO is always the best choice if you seek to enhance your brand’s online presence in the long run. However, to reach customers more immediately and customize your campaigns on the fly, Google ads are effective.

    ●    What quality should I look at in an SEO Expert in Delhi?

    There are numerous things to look at in an SEO expert in Delhi, including qualification, experience, understanding of three SEO levels, success rate, marketing savvy, knowledge of the big picture, and excellent communication skills.

    ●    Does SEO help in boosting your Sales?

    SEO helps generate quality traffic to your website, increasing the chance of higher conversions from the audience to paying customers. However, it also depends on your website quality and your products or services.

    ●    How are your SEO services different than those of other SEO providers?

    I am entirely devoted to SEO, use organic search to generate SEO leads, specialize in SEO science, and have ranked hundreds of keywords on Google’s first page. Additionally, I use white hat SEO strategies and am trusted by hundreds of clients.

    ●    Tips for hiring an SEO specialist in Delhi

    You need to focus on the experience, specialization, success rate, quality of SEO and your budget while hiring an SEO specialist in Delhi.

    ●     What Happens If You Don’t Start SEO for your website?

    If you are still not doing SEO for your website, chances are you might be losing some quality leads that, in return, are harming your business. You can generate more sales only with good online visibility on search engines.

    ●    How does a Search Engine evaluate Results?

    Search engines use three steps to evaluate results, crawling, indexing, and ranking. They search a web page by crawling, indexing the content and looking for quality and relevance, rank them using 200+ ranking factors, and return the most relevant and authoritative content.

    ●    What do I offer in Our Small Business SEO Packages?

    I offer all basic SEO needs in our small business SEO packages, from starting an audit to drafting an SEO strategy, keyword research, website optimization, Local SEO, and a few more as per your requirements, in your budget.

    ●    How much do I charge for expert SEO services?

    I charge an affordable price for all my SEO services, and the charges depend on several factors. You can speak to me directly to get a quote.

    ●    Do you think e-commerce businesses need SEO services?

    E-commerce SEO forms an important part of a successful digital marketing strategy. Your e-commerce business needs it to attract new customers and rank your site higher on search engines.

    ●    How professional SEO services help to enhance website visibility?

    Professional SEO services involve optimizing your website content and architecture to rank higher on search engines and improve your website’s relevance to specific search queries.

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