9 Types of backlinks you need to know for SEO


Domain authority links are those links to your website from a highly trustable website and have a strong image in digital marketing. When one website links to another, a backlink is created. Backlinks on a website allow search engines to find a person or business quickly. Backlinks are an essential part of any off-page SEO service. High-quality backlinks provide you with millions of free search engine traffic. An excellent relevant backlink boosts your website’s authority on Google, which means more profits.

The backlinks can be of the following type:

  • Backlinks in business profiles
  • Guest blogging backlinks
  • Editorial backlink
  • Acknowledgment backlinks
  • Comment backlinks
  • Backlinks from webinars
  • Badge backlinks
  • Sponsorship-based links
  • Guest post bio backlinks

 1. Editorial Backlinks

A good site with good content and marketing techniques results in an editorial link. Unlike acquired links, editorial links are not purchased or specifically requested. Whenever other websites use your website as the citation for specifying the source of information, when the interview and the quotation of a company are used, or when there is a mention of your website in the content, an editorial link is created.

2. Guest blogging backlinks

Links can be mentioned in various places throughout the post. Guest blogging is a powerful SEO strategy. If your connection is present on another website, then your website’s search visibility increases due to the increase in the score of SEO. In the guest posting, you write a guest post on the website in the form of a blog. It is a popular method for generating backlinks. 

3. Backlinks in Business Profiles

Your website’s backlink profile significantly influences its search ranking, authority, and overall site quality. When you list your website ob]ver other listing sites, review sites, social media, on any other business-to-business platform, they often come with the option of adding a link to them. 

4. Backlinks from webinars

If you want to generate such links, you need to add the link of your webinar as a resource while guest blogging. The link will lead you to the presentation on your website. 

5. Sponsorship-based links

Paid links or listings that appear on search engine results pages or direct viewers to another website are sponsored links. When you enter a phrase or term into the search engine box, you will see specific results with advertisements inscription at the top or middle of the list; these are paid ads.

6. Acknowledge backlinks

An acknowledgment backlink occurs when one website mentions and links to another about a relationship or sponsorship.

7. Guest post Bio links

If any website accepts the guest post but does not allow you to add any link, the website will probably have an option to add a link in your bio. Moreover, when you write a blog for someone else and publish it on their website is called guest posting. 

8. Badge Backlinks

Another clever way of generating the backlink is in the form of badges. You can create a badge for the brand to showcase their talent or highlight their field achievement. The badge is essentially an award created or awarded by other sites recognized as a status symbol.

9. Comment backlinks

Comment backlinking is a strategy that can be abused. But if you leave comments thats are good and enhance the quality of the conversation happening in the comments section; then these links are considered relevant even with the backlinks in them.

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