How to combine your SEO and affiliate marketing strategy?

seo and affiliate marketing
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You might have seen the ads and YouTube videos saying how to boost your digital marketing skills through SEO and affiliate strategy. But precisely what are SEO and affiliate marketing strategies? How do they exactly work together? And also how can you earn profit through it? Find the answer in the following text.

What are SEO and affiliate marketing? 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a technique that could be used to enrich a website’s content. You might have seen people using better resources to reach out to more people by creating more content and using Digital marketing skills to help them. SEO makes a page easier to find, popular among people, content-driven, and much more relevant. In comparison, Affiliate marketing pays a third party to bring an audience or traffic towards the product. It is a billion-dollar industry and works with Digital marketing to attract more audiences to the desired target or company.

How do SEO and affiliate marketing work together?

If you ever feel like changing the way for promoting your business or page or product, you might think the only way to endorse them is through affiliate marketing or SEO, but both of them work in the same manner by providing more audience or traffic toward the desired product through  

1. Find the one thing to focus on

Starting the work with a focus and leaving multiple things behind is crucial. Many will call this first phase “finding a niche,” which is important. If someone wants to make money through affiliate marketing, they should be aware that it takes time to establish an affiliate program and that they must maintain their attention on one task at a time.

2. Target audience   

Affiliate marketing goes hand in hand with digital marketing and SEO, but it doesn’t always mean social media promotion by link promotion. If you want to start affiliate marketing, you need to find the target audience which is inbound and is continuously searching for the product you are selling. Affiliate marketing should never be outbound.

3. Keywords 

You need to find a word or a keyword that is commonly searched or is present in search engines (YouTube, Google). Search intent is essential as if a person searches for blue jeans; the possibilities are he wants to purchase jeans and would go through price and ratings. Therefore, you need a keyword or best word to make the target audience reach the product.

4. Domain name 

A domain is also crucial as it will bring the majority of the audience through it. If it is catchy and relevant, it will bring more target audience to the product.

5. Revenue

If you have a low revenue at the beginning or no revenue at all, you need to realize that SEO and affiliate marketing will take time to build a base and establish themselves. You need to realize it is a long process and will pay your revenue when done correctly.


SEO and Affiliate marketing might seem difficult for those new to digital marketing, and it is more difficult to do than explain.

  • SEO is crucial in affiliate marketing as it goes the way around. You need to be patient to build the content and find the target audience. 
  • You should follow the priorities and focus on the main goal instead of many. 
  • Keywords are crucial and need time to generate or get one to attract a target audience.
  • Domain names should be interesting, relevant, and revenue-generating.
  • Good web hosting is crucial in SEO and affiliate marketing strategies as well.
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