How to Move a Domain without Losing Its SEO Value

Move a Domain without Losing Its SEO Value
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As technology continues to increase and show its importance in the modern world, it becomes necessary to be aware of its uses and benefits.

If one pays close attention and thinks about it, it can be observed that technology has become a massive part of our daily lives and many things would be left undone without it. Apart from smartphones, laptops, and computers used for personal work, it also plays a preeminent role in the business field.

How? Companies often use digital advertisements and platforms to let the public know about their services and products. Online businesses like Swiggy, Amazon, UrbanClap, now Urban Company, etc., have been started to ease the lives of many. 

Digital marketing helps a company in gaining customers as well as a reputation. Whenever a person searches for a product online, the sites that appear on top are usually the ones they trust.

The ranking in search engines is critical in improving the goodwill of a company. It is known as Search Engine Optimization, i.e., SEO. It refers to the practice of orienting a website to rank higher by using keywords to attract more viewers.

One must have noticed how the website appearing on top is the most open for the information needed. 

Every firm and business try to maintain SEO by writing and publishing SEO-friendly content and data. 

To find a website, its domain name is needed. Why? Because a domain name is a readable IP address that lets the user know about websites.

Any business requires it as it creates a technical and modern way of performing tasks. It helps improve the accessibility of a business to the public in all ways. 

Often, a company cannot get the domain name of their choice and related to its products because of the unavailability of the desired name, or they find a more suitable and shorter name.

Therefore, when given a chance, they try to change their name. But changing a domain name also affects the rank of a website online which can further lead to some hindrances. 

Here we will talk about some ways by which one can change their domain without losing the SEO:
1. Do not change the name of the owner

 If you want to change the domain name without losing the SEO ranking, make sure not to change the owner’s name. 

2. Backlinks 

Trust in a website is taken into consideration while rankings. Backlink means a link that comes from other links to yours. Contact and update those sites with your new address to keep your ranking guarded.

3. Redirect the old domain to the new domain 

Your web developer or IT needs to make sure that every time someone clicks or opens an old domain, it automatically redirects them to the new one.

4. Collect the information about your domain 

If your domain is entirely new, it is okay. Still, if it was previously owned by someone else, you need to collect all the information and history.

5. Keep it the same as before without making any alterations 

Changing the domain itself is a complex process. So be sure that every other element like design, content, and detail remains the same not to confuse Google.

6. Pre-inform the public 

Getting new customers is the hardest thing to achieve. Now think about losing them over a domain name switch issue. Hence, it will be better to inform your regular customers about the change beforehand to avoid confusion.

7. Social Media

In today’s world, where communication is significantly less done in physical mode, social sites have become famous for texts, calls, and messages. Therefore, it plays a significant role in awarding the public and your customers about the changes made. One can add the details and information about the new domain there.

8. Check the results 

After changing the domains successfully, use the Search console to collect information and get a look at indexing and rankings of the new domain and URL and the performance of the domain.

9. Make a new domain 

If you have not already done it, then do it as soon as possible. Get the new domain verified in the Search console and the old one.


These are some of the easy and basic ways to change your domain name while maintaining the ranking in Search Engine Optimization. It has often happened that a company lost its high ranking owing to a change in domain.

Even though not entirely, these ideas mentioned above will cause the negative effect of a sudden shift in the domain to lessen and optimize the ranking in the next few days.

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