How to Rank on Google Maps: A Beginner’s Guide

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What do you do when you have to go to a place you have not visited before? Or, when do you want to taste food from a new restaurant?

Simple! You search on Google, and Google fetches the information from Google Maps. Now, think from your business’s perspective. Suppose you have a computer servicing business but are not listed on Google or not ranked higher on Google Maps. 

In that case, your prospective customers will naturally switch to other highly-ranked companies. Hence, Google Maps listing and ranking should be your utmost priority to be preferred by your customers. It is a crucial digital marketing tool for your local business.

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Importance of Higher ranking on Google Maps

The simple reason for ranking high on Google Maps is to increase brand visibility. According to research, Google Maps is the favourite navigation software for more than 50% of users.

And, because customers seldom go past the top few results when looking for a location to go to, it’s critical that the Google Maps listing is optimized to appear for your business first for relevant queries.

How to Rank on Google Maps?

Any enterprise passionate about being noticed in this digital era must use the potential of Google Maps marketing, a unique digital marketing technique. Follow these tips to rank higher on Google Maps.

1. By adding your  Business to Google

 You can list your business on Google Maps by the following steps:

  • Try to locate the name of your company on Google Maps.
  • If you do not find any information about your company,tehen click on “Add the information of a missing location.”
  • A popup will appear, prompting you to provide basic company information such as operating hours, category, and location.
  • When you’re finished, click Send. 

Your application will be evaluated and accepted, and you will be notified by email.

2. Claim your GMB Listing

The second step in enhancing your Google Maps ranking is to claim your listing. If you claim your listing, you can offer more information regarding the company. Whenever you add your business to Google Maps, you may naturally set up a GMB listing by using the following steps:

  • Click on the option “Claim this business” in Google Maps.
  • You will be directly taken to the Google Business Profile page, where you can complete setting up your profile by giving details about your business.
  • Add Required Information to the listing. The more information you include in your listing, the better it will rank in search results.
  • Sign in to your account and fill in all the information necessary for listing.
  • A dashboard with multiple tabs along the side may be found here.
  • Choose the “Info” option to see your name, category, address, service region, hours, phone number, website, products, services, characteristics, and description and update.

3. Get more Google Reviews

When you establish a Google Maps business listing, you instantly expose your business to reviews. You must be proactive in seeking feedback and responsive in responding to it.

Responding to reviews promotes and lessens the impact of inadequate evaluations. Furthermore, your replies demonstrate to other customers how attentive you are to consumers and how well you manage problems.

4. Optimize your Business Website

You do not require a website to feature on Google Maps or GMB listings. However, there is a significant link between organic traffic and a higher rank in the local pack. Here are ways to optimize your site:

  • Make sure your website is properly functioning on all the device types: desktop, laptop, and mobile.
  • Do not forget to incorporate local keywords into the main page of your website.
  • Adding a Google map to your website is simply another method to notify Google that your business is situated where it claims it is.

5. Build Backlinks

Local search is as vital as the backlinks in SEO. However, when attempting to boost your visibility in local search, focus on tailored local backlinks.Begin with your immediate surroundings. Then, look at your business relationships; they might be your partners, suppliers, customers, etc. 

Even if a company has little in common with you other than its location, a link from their website will indicate a “relationship” with that place and improve your local results.Don’t overlook the chance to discover your rivals’ backlinks.

6. Post Regularly on your GMB Listing

Like social media, you may submit posts that display directly on your Google Maps company listing. Regularly publishing in this manner indicates to Google that you manage your listing regularly, which it considers when ranking. 

7. Track Ranking and GMB Analytics

Tracking your performance is critical in SEO and digital marketing, including GMB. You can access most of your profile metrics through your GMB account, and this information may be found by entering your account and clicking “insights” on the far left side.

GMB analytics does not provide rank tracking. Not to worry, though! Many tools can help you get that done, such as Rank Tracker.

The Final Words

These are a few of the techniques you should use to boost your Google Maps rankings. Your SEO strategy for organic ranking will also be beneficial.

Know that the world of Organic search is constantly evolving, so stay up to current on developments or get expert assistance from digital marketing organizations.

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