Realistic expectations of the SEO – What should I know as a customer


You can’t rest on your #1 ranking — because the guy at #2 is not resting, he is still improving his sit” — @Ryan Jones

Yes, it is indeed a famous quote which reminds us to understand the customer requirement and optimize the website to be at the top of the search engine.

It is always a million dollar question when we ask to understand the prediction of SEO campaigns. The main objective as an entrepreneur, we always target to expand our business, extract leads, and initiate more returns. There is always an urge to achieve the objectives and succeed in the long-term objectives of generating growth.

This is the best strategy to distinguish between successful entrepreneurs and dawdlers. SEO is the modern technology which creates a special markup as a comparison between the excitements and anxiety. Hence if we are not rational in our expectation then we are on the path of disappointment due to uncertain failures. However, the realistic expectation from the beginning had always been a crucial part to optimize the website.

Let us understand the steps to become realistic

While we are talking about to build realistic expectations, we should also understand our customers and follow the below steps. There are various strategies that can be followed, however below are the few steps to optimize your website in the near future.

Increase your expectation

The development in digitalization had nowadays enabled the customers, to receive every bit of information instantly from the web with one click. And as a human being, we always thrive to receive the best. This had turned easier to get an answer within a minimal time frame, however, in reality, the contents that we see are the opinions that are shared with detailed information that the customer is looking for.

This is a harder fact for anyone which includes me, you, or any other SEO firms to forecast the exact expectations of customers within a given time frame. This is indeed possible to hypothesize through the statistics based on previous data and the maturity developed with the past experience, however, neither the Search engine algorithms are controlled by the SEO firms, nor should they assume.

Increase your Search Volume

This is indeed a crucial check for any type of SEO campaign. You should understand customer prospects if they are likely to search the offering that you serve.

Let us assume they are searching, then the next thing we should understand whether the search volume is sufficient to initiate Sales which is, in reality, the main objective to get established from the SEO. We should understand that everyone is not going to click when they are searching. In fact being at the top as well, only 30% — 40 % would click to enter your website. However, if your rank is at the bottom then the percentile would also dip down simultaneously.

The Typical rates for conversion are said to be only 1 % as amongst everyone who is clicking on the link would rarely invest to purchase while they acquire knowledge from your website.

Deliver the searchers with their requirement

While we calculate and classify the SEO opportunity, it sometimes turns easier or harder to pull your website at the top of the search engine. However, Ranking # 1 would stand invalid if there are no sales generated, which is in indeed the ultimate objective to achieve

To achieve the main objective, you should understand the prospect of your customer and their requirements that they are looking for, in the search engine. Understand, if they are looking for the availability of the payment options on your website. Explore if they require a demo at first or any other narrative information.

Understand if the Offer is appropriate

Last but not the least while we deliver one should take a note if it is the best offer that we are delivering with respect to our competitors in the market. Your destined customer would surely perform a research and groundwork prior they reach to your platform. Hence this is advisable to enable your offer compelled in regards to your competitors else you should not keep any other expectations.

Hence this is very crucial to stay focused to understand the offer that needs to be delivered and bear the realistic expectations in regards to generating sales via SEO.


Therefore, keeping these factors into consideration we should understand the evaluation of the realistic expectation to drive sales through the SEO campaign. Those were the days while with the slightest effort the SEO could easily rank at the top. However, with the increase in competition, this has turned to target the traffic and not just only getting focused on Ranks.

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