SEO For Beginner in 2023

SEO For Beginner
SEO For Beginner

It’s an old saying “Money save is money earned”. Therefore the significance of SEO was felt among the Business houses. It’s the proven fact return of money invested in SEO is much more than in comparison to the money invested in traditional methods of marketing. Moreover, good SEO has a longer life in comparison to traditional marketing.

SEO for Beginner:

Cultivate good links with the fertilizer of content    :              

Content is the king “time has gone to dodge Google with copied content. It’s completely the age of content marketing. So create your own content optimized with keywords rather than trying to fool google. It’s only the content that increases revisits as well help you in getting a quality link from high authority and relevant websites.


Search a reputed publisher and get yourself listed to your beloved competitor. This will help Google to know that you are also the horse of the same race, and will definitely help you in SERPs (search engine result page). But be smart while doing so.

Editorial Links.

If you great and fresh content, an editorial related to your subject can help in getting high authority links. To get more editorial links, interviews are also the way. But the bottom line is your content take care of it

To increase the number of genuine links, Use of broken links:

On various websites, one may find broken links which elated to your subject. So your request to the webmaster to provide your link to readers in case of any broken links. It’s completely a white hat strategy.

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Claim the links you deserve or reclaiming the link:

It basically means taking care of our broken links and requesting the publisher to fix them. There may be places where content has been used without attribution. So in such case you request, the webmaster for the link.

Competitor research and analysis:

Never underestimate your competitor always do a good analysis of your competition. The more you do an in-depth study of competition better will be your strategy and results.

Focus on ROI:

Rather working on keywords takes care of only the keywords that can bring you a good ROI. It’s not important to emphasize all keywords to find the one which gives you maximum output.

Optimize for another search engine too.

Don’t consider only Google take care of other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and others.

Mobile SEO:

It’s the age of smartphones so and every minute number of smartphone users is increasing. So always keep your website mobile-friendly, so that when a mobile user comes to your website can navigate through it. A Concept like ASO (app store optimization) helps you in enhancing the visibility of your app

We hope these strategies will give you a kick start in 2021

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