Link Building for SaaS Companies: The Ultimate Guide

Link Building
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Why do SaaS companies emerge with more success than others?

Many brands have increased their number of visitors exponentially by employing SaaS strategies. For instance, HubSpot has grown from 500,000 monthly visitors to over 7,000,000 monthly visitors in a time span of four years only.

SaaS, an abbreviation for, software as a service, encloses a wide chain of companies, including marketing automation, sales CRM, SEO tools, document signing, and many more. The SaaS business paradigm is uniform across the board, it charges a minimum recurring monthly or annual fee from its users according to the services that they choose. It is one of the most profit-making industries currently, it is estimated to grow by twenty percent per year until 2023.

Organic Traffic for SaaS Companies

After observing the paradigms of the various successful SaaS brands, we concluded that most of them follow a common methodology. They fetch organic inbound congestion for their websites to builder a reader base that is considered to be potential paying customers. A number of brands in this competitive sector have set an example for others to follow, for instance, GrooveHQ in the support desk space.

What is the need for Link Building & Outreach?

The key ingredient for companies to spice up their rankings and beat their key competitors is nothing but a Backlink. You can win the trust of  Google by building high-quality backlinks for destined pages so that they are compelled to give your website or page a preferential higher ranking over any random competitor.

The companies that are link building can easily overtake the companies that aren’t as links are not just relevant signals, rather they form a tie that integrates the puzzled contents. A dozen of companies in the SaaS have benefited by adding backlinks, their profit and congestion statistics has multiplied significantly.

Link Building Experts

Let’s traverse the list of the top three brands in link building. These brands have been creating an impact in the industry in terms of their high organic congestion and reasonability.

1. HubSpot – CRM

It is one of the most popular brands of link building. You will hardly find any person who hasn’t heard the name of HubSpot. At least from the perspective of SEO, they have been the clear-cut winner of the league of inbound marketing and CRM software.

 A few of their Top ranking keywords:

  • Marketing
  • URL Shortener
  • Marketing
  • Advertisement
  • Resignation Letter
  • Best Time To Post On Instagram
  • Advertisement
  • Brand Guide
  • CRM
  • To-Do List
  • Free Email

Conclusion:  HubSpot ranks at the Top for most of the keywords.With this you can get a clear idea about the Brand’s impact in the industry.

What makes them stand out in the crowd?

The maximum congestion is present at their sites in compassion to any of the SaaS company present in the market. The crowd consists of more than seven million visitors per month now, while back in 2015 the number was only 5,00,000. The most effective source of their congestion is organic search. They generate a commendable revenue through their marketing & sales products every year, it amounts to $500M per year.

The company stands out as a highly authoritative blog, this is the reason that they stand out in the top for any randomly picked category. Be it real state, web designing, marketing, sales, restoration, photography, shopping and so on. The credit goes to the content paradigm that they follow, the exceptional methodologies adopted by the authors and the focused keywords used by the bloggers, make it stand out in the crowd. They also have expertise in creating highly linkable content assets, it also contributes significantly to their success.

2. FollowUpBoss – CRM (for Real Estate)

FollowUpBoss is crown bearer for Real Estate sites, they have an exceptional record in the SaaS industry for their appreciable performance over the years.

Some of their Top Ranking Keywords:

  • Real estate leads
  • Real estate lead generation
  • Real estate landing pages
  • Real estate team structure
  • Best CRM for real estate
  • Real estate CRM
  • Real estate coaching

Conclusion : They are deep-rooted in the real estate category.

What makes them stand out in the crowd?

The crowd consists of more than 30,000  visitors per month at the blog content. They surpass all the major competitors in the Real Estate CRM Space. They have a very high organic congestion at their website which amounts to around  $40k(in terms of Google Adwords per month). This traffic helps them in adding more customers to their pre-existing set. Organic search turns their blog more inviting for searchers.

They employee the keywords in the best possible way to attract more real estate professionals. Inspirational content, for instance, stories of real estate teams who have an incredible track record or a steep growth curve, drives more organic traffic. SEO-focused content and creation of relevant backlinks via specific real-estate websites, including sales and marketing blogs, attract a wider audience.

3. GetVero – Marketing Automation

GetVero is the market-ruler for Marketing Automation sites, they have an exceptional record in the SaaS industry for their great work over the years.

Some of their Top Ranking Keywords:

  • Welcome email
  • Email marketing best practices
  • Promotion emails
  • Retention email
  • Persuasive email example
  • Transactional emails

Conclusion : They are deep-rooted in the Marketing Automation category.

What makes them stand out in the crowd?

The crowd consists of more than 20,000 visitors per month at the blog content. Outstands for a number of relevant keywords, for which other companies are paying  $20 per click to Google Ads. Their blogs are clear and well written that follow balanced and directional strategies.

They actively create ‘Master’ content pieces that are sure of earning links, attention & congestion. They’ve surpassed a number of competitive email marketing spaces because of their high-quality content with their mammoth budgets. Creation of relevant backlinks via specific marketing websites, including sales and marketing blogs, attracts a wider audience.

The popular working Link Building Strategies for a SaaS company

After working on the content strategy, any brands need to resort to link building to maximize the congestion at their website and get the desired ranking results. For achieving this they need high-quality backlinks and an efficient outreach strategy. In case you are not passionately active about link building outreach, you might get outranked by your competitors.

1) Building Linkable Content Assets

Building Linkable Content Assets is the most important side of link building outreach campaigns. The content needs to be very impactful, informative and well-structured so that people are impressed and inclined towards linking with your website. Great content is a strategy that would never fail.

If your content is worth the opportunities for outreach are unlimited. You need to pick the most trendy topics that are being searched, as the current drive indicates that “Chatbots” are looked up quite frequently, you require the correct strategy to put forward your content, and the backlinks will automatically be generated.

A few examples of successful Linkable Assets:

  • HubSpot’s “45 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2018”
  • SkedSocial’s Guide to Instagram Live
  • Drift’s “Chatbots Report 2018”
  •’s Ultimate Guide to Starting an Ecommerce Business

2) Guest Posting

A plethora of brands use this incredibly feasible link building strategy in SaaS, for getting a higher rank in the industry. Guest posting is present in numerous business, technology, startups, and marketing websites, as they serve as a platform for people to express their views and post their queries.Guest Posts implies the creation of Powerful Links. Guest blogging can be used for the amplification of brands.

3) Resource Pages

When it comes to resources, nothing in the world can surpass the internet. Many pages and blogs just intend to maximize the resources for the users. For instance, “70 Best Ecommerce Marketing Resources”, is a classical example of a resource page.This approach is often referred to as a super scalable approach by the SaaS link building experts, as it yields a high amount of links and referral traffic.

4) Roundups

Roundups are an advantageous source of links, specifically used for building-out homepage links. A traditional example of a roundup page is-“50 Marketing Professionals Share Their Favourite Software“.We have observed that people merely enjoy reading as well as writing round-ups.

A few services that you can avail for improved link building:

  • Helpareporter
  • SourceBottle
  • JournoRequests

 Writers, bloggers & journalists usually use any of the above-mentioned services for getting swift and detailed responses from various credible sources.They don’t need to have any trouble other than merely setting up requests.

Finally, it is a clear game of connections, the more connections you have, the more organic traffic your website receives. You can go through the above-mentioned strategies for link building. But like in any other sector, experience counts even in the link building sector.

Therefore, if you want swift and exponential growth of traffic, then you must hire a link building company for SaaS. They can assist you for getting the best results, with their experience and additional specialized strategies. As for scalability, consistency and quality of the strategies deployed also matters.

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