Ecommerce Link Building-Ultimate Guide for 2023

Ecommerce Link Building
Ecommerce Link Building

Ecommerce Link Building: It is not easy to generate a link. Link building is a very tedious and complicated task. You need to understand which website is relevant enough for you. It would help if you kept in mind the Page and Website Authority, the website’s relevancy, and more factors.

The hardest part is to convince someone to share your link as they are completely stranger to you, and at the same time, asking them for a link in return for nothing will be answered by a big “No”.

Then what are the ways of link building? These blogs underline some of the strategies that can generate a quality link for your E-Commerce website.

1) Guest posting on other Websites

Many of us may not understand the importance of guest posting. But it is one of the most excellent ways to generate a backlink. If you write content for someone else, you add value to them, and in return for that value, you can add link one or two of your relevant work. The website is usually okay with this.

This way, you can reach out to a new audience and drive more traffic to your website. It will be suitable for your product as well as the website. 

It would help if you kept in mind that whatever guest post share with the website should be related to your niche. The blog you are targeting must have a similar type of audience as you need. Thus, do not send post to a random website and identify the real ones that will impact your website. 

2) Collaborating with Relevant Sites

If you search the internet, you will find many websites that provide the same services and product just like you do. Instead of acting as a competitor, engage with them in a content partnership.

It means you both can write relevant content about each other and add an appropriate link to each other’s website. This way, you both will profit and drive more quality traffic to your website. Keep in mind the content should be top-notch. 

You can even hold joint events like Instagram lives, webinars or may undertake a project together. This relationship will prove fruitful to each other, and you learn many new things from each other along with innovative ideas. It is one of the best ways of link building. 

3) Provide a free product to influencer and ask for a review

You might have encountered many influencers suggesting you use some product all the time. It is termed affiliate marketing. It can also help in link building. 

All you have to do is reach a bunch of influencers who write product reviews related to your product, and you can offer them a free product in return for a review about the product. Keep in mind that such influencers are very particular about the quality, safety standard, and product usability. 

If you have confidence in your product, you can reach out to generate a link to your website. 

4) Identify possible sponsors for your brand 

You should keep track of all the possible event happening in your industry. You can ask for sponsorship of such events. It is a bit expensive way to generate traffic and a new audience, but at the same time, the return on investment will be high as you can generate several links and mentions to your website.

It will give a boost to your E-commerce store and website. Sponsorship will also generate publicity about your brand.

5) Channel the Video Marketing 

Video Marketing has emerged as a vital way of delivering information. The majority of people who do not like to read an excellent blog post and video reduce this work. They are more fun, and people can connect more with them. 

Video add life to your product. They strengthen the message you give and helps them understand better about your product. The best part of link building is that you do not have to pitch your product. 

You can create a lot of content related to your field. For instance, If you have a clothing brand, you can offer so many clothing recommendations like “How to dress for a party”,” How to style your clothes”, and much more.

If someone embedded your video into their content, you can ask them to add a relevant link to your website. You can provide two-three of your quality work, and there you go. New traffic is right there.  

6) Look for Brand Ambassadors

The above link building may require a lot of money and resources, which is very challenging in the initial stages of an E-Commerce store. It can drive traffic, but what about the free traffic you can generate with the help of customers. 

You can reach out to possible these customers and make them brand ambassadors of your product. It will fetch more significant traffic and will generate more links. This not empowers your business but the customers as well.

There are many websites which host such type of ambassadors. These customers write product review by adding a relevant link to your website.   

7) Host PR and Charity Events 

You can do several events such as a Product launch, workshop, or concert. The sky is the limit for such events. Due to the pandemic, many companies have shifted to virtual events, which are more budget-friendly than physical ones.

You can reach out to relevant writers, publication houses to cover your event. If your event is worthy, this will generate several links to your website. It is a costly way, but this causes a link and fetches you more media attention, new audience, publicity at the same time. 

You can also hold a Charity Gala to generate funds for underprivileged people. You can provide an offer like on the purchase of this product 10% goes to the charity. It is a compelling link building strategy.  

Last few words

Keep in mind that the quality of the link matters rather than the quantity. These links will not only strengthen the SEO for your website but generate new business, traffic and create an image about your brand.

Have a strong link-building strategy for your E-Commerce store. Identify the relevant path that will drive sales to you. Question yourself Is this the right website to have your link? Is it the correct type of audience we need for our business? Once you have all the relevant answers, then implement your link-building strategy. image credit Freepik.

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