SEO Certification: Can Training Improve Your SEO Career?

SEO Certification
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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a set of practices designed to improve the appearance and positioning of web pages/pages by enhancing the quality and quantity of website traffic in organic search results. SEO mainly targets unpaid traffic rather than targeting direct or paid traffic.

Can training improve your SEO Career?

In the rapidly modernizing world, search engine optimization or simply SEO, certifications of SEO are becoming a popular topic in many sectors like digital marketing, etc.

Over the last few years, various changes have occurred in the community of SEO to bring down apparent exploits. Many well-known search quality updates like the Penguin and the Panda launched by google brought most of the SEO world ahead.

However, most SEO certifications offered by large corporations and private sectors are still based on a pre-penguin perspective. As the material taught by those colleges is out of date, obsolete, and ineffective too, even sometimes those materials prove to be dangerous.

But then also, the value of professional SEO certification is of great importance, especially in digital marketing. SEO training provided to persons related to the digital marketing sector helps them recover from bad link building techniques and keyword stuffing so the digital marketers can update their algorithm to build up high-quality websites and diminish the presence of low-quality websites from their end in google organic search results. 

Hence, SEO divisions at large corporations as digital marketing generally value hands-on experience and practical knowledge rather than a simple qualification because SEO is a rapidly changing practice.

So, rather than only taking professional SEO certifications, it is better to learn specific courses based on SEO. Google does not offer good advice related to SEO as SEO is not in the Google policy. But Google does not provide any search engine optimization certificates.

However, it offers a variety of offers to AdWords experts under the name of Google AdWords partners. So, becoming a google AdWords partner is an excellent idea, particularly for those related to digital marketing agencies. As the skills involved with AdWords can also bring success in the SEO sector, passing the Google Partner exam is a beneficial process.

There are several benefits to becoming a certified google member bypassing the Google partner exams as its benefits don’t exclude the SEO. And becoming a Google partner makes one even more trustworthy so that the clients will select your business.

The field of digital marketing is poised to offer many new ways of selling items to customers like mobile technologies, personalized ads, etc. SEO remains as crucial as ever. Whether someone is new or very much experienced in digital marketing, SEO knowledge is a necessary skill that can create wonders for your digital market career.

Why master SEO?

Any digital marketer, whether skilled or even unskilled, must master SEO as:

  • Consumers still look for and find out products by searching them, so SEO is vital for every business
  • For a small company or small team, SEO can be a vital part of the job
  • The more digital marketing skill you offer, the more attractive you become to the customer and help you in higher profit.


Presently when the market is so competitive, SEO plays a vital role. The search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc., serve billions of users daily. So once a digital market seller is well trained on SEO, it can help them to get their websites ranked with high search engines and hence more website visitors so more sales. It is mainly because:

  • SEO is not simply a search engine ranking. It helps improve the quality and usability, thus increasing user satisfaction with your brand.
  • Audiences are likely to select trending keywords or the top suggestion on the result page.
  • A top Search engine ranking can quickly gain user trust.
  • SEO also helps marketing on social media platforms like LinkedIn, meta, and Instagram, thus rapidly increasing sales.
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