Top 16 Content Writer Interview Questions to Know Before Your Next Interview

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Content Writer Interview Questions: Content writing has become a fast-growing industry in the last few years, and ample opportunities are coming every year in this field. People have started taking up content writing as a profession as it benefits a person on both personal and professional levels. 

If you seek a job in this profession, you should know that an interview is a next step after getting your content samples approved. The recruiter can challenge you with both personal and technical levels, so we are with the top 16 questions that one can expect in a content writing interview.

Personal questions

Q1. Why have you chosen content writing?

Hiring managers are constantly seeking employees who are enthusiastic about their jobs and are conscious of their work ethics. One should answer it to show their long-term interest in the position. One can mention the perks of being a content writer and their aptitude in writing.

Q2. Do you feel that content writing becomes monotonous sometimes? 

Content writing does get monotonous, but passion keeps you going. Show your seriousness towards the job you’re applying for.

Q3. What are the things you enjoy most about being a content writer?

Answers to this can differ from applicant to applicant. Content writing is more than just a profession as it helps increase your knowledge and makes you more proficient with syntax and vocabulary.

Q4. How do you ensure a timely submission?

Recruiters are interested in how a content writer ensures a timely submission without compromising on the quality. Talk about your time management skills and fast learning abilities.

Q5. What is your writing style?

Be truthful while answering such questions because work would be assigned to you according to your answer. Mention your approach to research and the different types of writing styles used in the industry.

Q6. What are the strengths of your write-ups?

Strengths of a write-up are its readability, creativity, language, word choice, and delivery. Use these terms to explain your writing style qualitatively.

Q7. How do you respond to criticism?

A content writer can improve the quality of write-ups if he takes criticism positively, and criticism can help find loopholes in your writing styles.

Q8. What kind of books do you read? 

The kind of books you read would reflect your area of interest. Read books that help you improve the skills you would need as a content writer. 

Technical questions

Q9. What are the different types of content?

Mention the different types of content you’re familiar with (e.g., articles, blogs, copy, website content, promotional posts, captions, etc.)

Q10. What are the qualities of good content?

Good content is engaging, credible, grammatically correct, and not plagiarized. HR wants to know your knowledge about good content with this question.

Q11. SEO is essential while creating content. How do you employ this instrument in your writing?

Even if someone is a newcomer in the industry, he should be familiar with search engine optimization. Applicants who know about SEO integration always get a benefit.

Q12. Do you have any experience with content management systems?

Although content publishing and digital marketing are not a part of a content writing job, it helps you write SEO-based content. You can talk about Google algorithms and WordPress, and CMS can play a significant role in your selection, so do get familiar with it before applying for the job.

Q13. How to write credible content?

Your content should always be credible and genuine. Hiring managers want to check your research approach and cross-check facts while deciding the content through this answer.

Q14. How would you align your writing style with the company’s vision and objective?

Companies’ primary goal behind hiring a content writer is to increase their engagement and sales. Tell them how you would teach their vision in your write-ups and increase their sales.

Q15. What is your proofreading approach?

A good content writer always proofreads before submission. Mention the tools you might be using to check grammatical errors and plagiarism. 

Q16. What are the many methods for promoting your content?

Promotions can mutually benefit the company as well as the writer. You can share the articles on social media and ask your teammates to share the articles, and this can always show a passionate side of you to the recruiter. 

The Takeway

One should always be aware of the various aspects and roles of the job. Stay confident and careful while answering any question to make sure you land a job as a content writer.

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