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How to Choose the Best Content Writer

Do you know?

The current marketing trends suggest that nearly 47% of all the content created is outsourced.

It means companies hire someone else to write their website content.

Today, if you want to sell your product or want to get visitors on your website, you can’t just write a message in an old manner.

For example:

“Come and get it!”

If you are not clear what you are writing, then it is surely not going to attract your potential customers.

Here the content writing expert comes into the role.

Writing requires skills and commitment. The content writers incorporate effective SEO strategies while producing high-quality content and convey the message in a more effective manner that drives visitors on your website.

If you run your own business, then it’s nearly impossible to manage everything alone and curate the best content as the professional content writers do.

So, if your main aim is running your business, not content writing, then it will be the right decision to hire a content writer in Jaipur.

You might be thinking now how to choose the best content writer from the bunch of freelance content writers available online.

Don’t worry! Keep reading and get the answer of all your queries.

Top Value Propositions & Differentiating Factors of the Best Content Writer

Everyone has at least one unique factor that sets them apart from others. It is one factor that differentiates you from your competitors.

So, what is the differentiating factor that the best content writer possesses that separate him from the billions?

1.     The Content Tilt

It is the way you present your content to offer something unique to the readers.

Joe Pulizzi of CMI calls this as content tilt. He says:

A professional content writer will make this possible for you.

When you have the best content tilt, you stand out from the crowd in the best way. People love to hear about your verdict on the topic because you offer them unique and useful information. Your content should powerfully affect the audience.

2. Focusing on the benefits of the content

Content writing experts believe in staying connected with their audience to focus more on the benefits their writing can offer readers.

What benefits your brand or your content will offer to your audience?

The primary purpose of writing any piece of content is that it should provide value to the readers. The information should benefit the readers.

3. Keeping the content simple

The content writing strategy used by the content writing experts is that they keep their content very simple. While writing, you need to assume that the reader knows nothing about the subject. So, your content should be easy to understand and share.

4. Know the audience- The most Important Differentiating Factor of the Best Content Writers

While writing any piece of content, the knowledge of your audience is very crucial. You must have a detailed picture of your targeted audience to create useful content for them.

The best content writers use this strategy in their every content piece which helps in reaching their content to the right audience.

It’s hard to stand out from the bunch of content writers, but it’s not impossible.

With the right strategy and the uniqueness (Content Differentiating Factor), you can position yourself as the best content writer in the industry.

Things to look for in Freelance Content Writers

Hiring the right freelance content writer can skyrocket your business.

On the other hand, hiring the wrong ones can break your business. So, when you hire a content writer, make sure you make the right choice.

Here are a few things to look for when hiring the professional content writer freelancers for your business.

  • A professional article content writer should have a confident writing voice
  • A confident writing voice is very crucial.
  • You can teach content strategy and marketing to an individual, but, some skills develop over time, and writing voice is one such skill.
  • For a confident writing voice, a passion and commitment for writing are essential elements.
  • So, when you hire a content writer, look for the one whose writing you love to read.
  • Look for someone whose writing is funny, smart, convincing and impactful at the same time.
  • A content writing expert should have a strong command on spelling, grammar, and usage

Surely, you don’t want to spend on proofreading of your content. So, hire the web content writer who has a solid grasp on spelling, grammar, and its usage.

He should know the usage of it’s and its. These are very basic yet important skill a content writer should possess.

A copywriter or content writing expert should be capable of finding the intriguing angle

Writing a well-crafted content is crucial. But if you don’t wrap up your content in an engaging and fascinating way, then it won’t attract readers.

A skilled and professional writer knows the art of engaging an audience.

He uses his creative skills to write useful and engaging content and also wrap it in a way that generates curiosity among readers and hook up with him to get answers to their queries.

An SEO content writing expert should be committed to quality

The commitment is essential in any profession.

A professional content writer should also be committed to his work, the commitment to getting better over time, learning and refining his skills.

He should not just write, but focus on writing high-quality content. Hire the one who commits to taking out time to develop the knowledge of an individual company.

A freelancer content writer should have an understanding of the content that sells

There are a plethora of content writers who can write a pleasing writing piece.

But only the professional content writers understand how to convert a stranger reader into a delightful customer.

He knows the importance of writing and what works best for any platform.

He posses the art of using headlines and content in blog posts and saving better for the landing pages.

A professional writer, irrespective of the niche he has expertise in such as Technical Content Writer, Fashion Content Writer, Food Content Writer, Legal Content Writer or Web Content Writer has the quality to strategize the content and present in a most engaging way that attracts readers.

Hire Content Writer Freelancer

How much does it cost to hire a Content Writer in Jaipur?

For a successful website, you don’t only need content with all the keywords, but a well-written content that drives more conversions.

A dedicated content writing expert can write quality content according to the changing SEO algorithms.

Let’s know the type of content writing:

  • Web Content Writing
  • Article Content Writing
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Press release Content Writing
  • Technical Content Writing

But the question is how much does content writing cost in India?

The average cost of a content writer in India varies from 50p per word to Rs 2 per word.

There are few levels on content writers charge for their writing.

  • Per hour basis
  • Per word basis
  • Project basis
  • By Page
  • Per hour
  • Copywriting: 500-700/hr
  • Advertising copywriting: 700-1000/hr
  • Technical content writing: 400-1000/hr
  • Web content writing: 500-900/hr
  • Proofreading: 250-600/hr
  • Copy editing: 300-700/hr

Freelance writing rates by project

  • Articles (web-based or research related): 150-500 per page
  • Articles (newspapers): 750-1000
  • Book reviews: 200-1000
  • Advertising/ copywriting: 1500-2000
  • Brochures: 300-2500
  • Scripts: 1000-20,000
  • Resumes: 200-500

Per Word

There is a broad range to charge for per word. It ranges between 50pesa – 5 rs INR per word. Here is the estimate of freelancing rates per level.

  • Entry level: 40ppw-70ppw
  • Intermediate: 70ppw-1 rspw
  • Experienced: 1 rspw-2rspw
  • In Demand Expert: 3 rs per words-5 rs ppw
  • Freelance writing rates by Page
  • For e-books: 100-350 per page
  • Lesson plans: 100-200 per page
  • Indexing: 150-170 per page

This is the estimate of content writing rates in India.

It can vary according to the expertise, experience, location and market conditions.

Top Qualities of the Best Content Writing Expert

It is a myth that content writing is easy and anyone can do it.

But the reality is writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires great efforts and creative skills to become the best content writer.

A good content writer needs to be the master of a number of skills.

Here are the top qualities a content writing expert must possess.

Excellent communication skills

This is the first and foremost quality a freelance content writer should possess. He should have strong command on grammar, spelling and sentence formation.

The lack of this skill can diminish your credibility as a good content writer.

There are various online sources available to learn communication skills. Also, plenty of spell-checking software is available online. So, for writing a great piece of content, you should have strong communication skills. It only helps in writing but also helps in connecting with the client.

Knowledge of the target reader

Writing without the knowledge of your reader is futile.

You must have a clear idea of your targeted readers. If you run your business, then you have surely done research of your audience while deciding the topic of your writing.

But if you are a freelance content writer, you need to consult the marketing team or the business owner to get a clear idea of the target audience who will read your content.

A clear understanding of who you are writing for is the key to successful writing.

Strong research skills

A well-researched content is better than a well-written content. Good research adds credibility and value to your writing.

The purpose of writing is providing the best and useful content to your readers. This can only possible if you know how to research and how to find reliable sources online to get useful information.

Other than Google research, Reddit, Quora are great platforms to find quality information.

Social Media Understanding

Most businesses and bloggers use social media marketing strategy to promote their content online.

The content that goes viral on social media has chances of reaching out to more people. Plus, it also increases the search engine visibility and ranking of the content which is popular in social media.

Being a platform to promote your content, social media is a great tool to stay connected with your target audience.

Solid knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You put great efforts and research a lot for writing unique content.

But it is worthless if no one finds it.

So, you must have knowledge of the Search Engine Optimization and how to incorporate SEO tactics in your content to increase the search engine rankings.

You must know how to craft SEO-friendly headlines, Meta descriptions and use keywords in your content.

Ability to meet deadlines

Delivering high-quality content on time show that you are not only professional but also reliable for your clients.

A professional content writer must have the ability to meet deadlines and deliver quality content.

A good time management skill is essential to decide the job you can accept or reject and deliver the work on time.

If you don’t possess these qualities, work on developing them. These top qualities help the top content to produce powerful and compelling content.

Why should you hire Content Writer from Aarif Habeeb & Co?

Search Engines like Google and Bing have got smarter with the constantly changing algorithms.

They hike up the content which is easy and unique.

Aarif Habeeb & Co, a freelance content writer in Jaipur, creates quality content with fresh content ideas.

Now grow your business with the awesome content. Hire the professional content writer in Jaipur who creates an engaging content to convert your customers into leads.

Why should you choose us?

An expert content writing services provided by Aarif Habeeb adds value to your business at three levels:

  • Help your brand in establishing a strong connection with your targeted customers.
  • Enhance your brand visibility.
  • Perceive you as an industry authority.

 The top content writing services offered by Aarif Habeeb includes:

  • Business Writing – Makes your business unique
  • Web Content Writing – Let’s your website to communicate
  • E-book Writing – Compile your expertise, working all into one.
  • Technical Writing – Explain services in a more detailed and easy way
  • Press Release – tell everyone about what’s new
  • Blog Writing – Allows readers to enjoy your style of writing
  • SEO copywriting – Optimize and grow with your words
  • Article Writing – Informative and meant for readers

We are very versatile and hold a great level of expertise in content writing services. It makes Aaeif Habeeb & Co as one of the top freelance content writing companies in Jaipur.

Contact us now and find the perfect content writer for your website.

Every Question to ask a Content Writer before you Sign a Contract

Hiring a content writing expert is not the same as hiring a new employee for your business. You need to go through their post work online instead of checking out their online profile.

To produce high-quality content for your business, it is crucial that the writer you are going to hire is prepared for this job.

Here are the top questions to ask your content writer before you sign a contract.

Are you comfortable in your writing skills?

This is one of the most important questions to ask your writer because if he is not comfortable with his writing skills, then his writing will drive visitors away from your website.

How do you conduct research?

A well-written content requires in-depth research. There is a bunch of information available on the internet, but finding the relevant and reliable sources for your content is a skill and the content writer you are going to hire must have this skill.

Do you understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

It is not necessary that the writer should be a pro in Search Engine Optimization, but he must have a basic understanding of SEO to indulge in his writing. The SEO Content Writing Expert should be able to perform keyword research according to your industry. He must know about the usage of keywords in content.

What are your ideas for content?

As a business owner, you will have good ideas you want your writer to cover. However, you can also ask the writer to pitch some unique content ideas for your business.

If you hire a blog content writer, you will need a stream of fresh ideas for ongoing posts. So, the writer you are going to hire should have the quality to think out of the box and come with great content ideas.

What your work schedule is like?

If you are hiring a full-time content writer, then he will work according to your schedule. But if you are hiring a freelance content writer, then he will work according to his work schedule.

However, you can set clear expectations and deadlines from the start. Keep a track of the work in progress.

How do you expect to be paid?

Again, this is a question to ask from a freelance content writer. Know which form of payment they accept. Some writers send an invoice on the completion of a project and some prefer to bill monthly. It’s up to the writer how he likes to get paid.

Hiring a professional content writer for your business ensures high-quality content that is designed to reach your target audience. Grow your online presence by investing in a valuable content marketing strategy with the right content writing expert. Contact us and get your job done.