Digital Marketing Resume Guide: Your Chance to Win the Digital Marketing Manager Job

Digital Marketing Resume
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With the growing online crowd, every brand wants to make an online presence, and brands have their website and social media presence to market their products and reach the target audience more effectively. With this growing online market, the need for digital marketing associates and managers is also increasing; therefore, more and more people are applying for digital marketing jobs. 

Everyone wants to land a career as a digital marketer, which is not possible without a captivating resume. So, here’s our resume guide that will help you make a perfect resume for a digital marketing job profile. 

1.  Select an appropriate format

Resume format changes according to the goal of the resume. A newcomer in the field or a student/college graduate/intern should use a functional resume format. An experienced person can use a reverse-chronological form, and a person changing his career path should stick to a hybrid design. Subsequent steps contain some common points required in all three types of formats.

2. Start with a captivating resume summary or resume objective

Your resume should start with 3-4 lines resume summary (for experienced applicants) or resume objective (for inexperienced applicants). It is a header that will contain a short introduction followed by work experience and skills.

Avoid using first-person proverbs in the resume header. A resume summary will include work experience and skills. The applicant can highlight his skills relevant to the job profiles to fill the work experience gap in a resume objective. Some past projects done in school/college can also be added. 

3. Introduce yourself

Add your name, personal details, and the job profile. Be very specific with the job profile you mention as a digital marketer is an umbrella term used for many designations coming under it. 

 4. Add your professional experience

Professional experience is the most significant portion of your resume. All the relevant job experiences should be added, alongside the year of joining, the year of resignation, job post, and type of work done.

Mentioning figures is necessary to make a potential impression. Add the following things in terms of figures; percent sale increment, quantifiable increase in social media engagement, growth in online traffic, number of advertising campaigns done and implemented SEO strategies.

An applicant with no experience can mention some volunteer works and related projects they might have taken up as a student. 

5. Add your educational qualifications

Your educational institute and qualification certificate can help you land a job as a digital marketing manager. Mention the institute’s name, the course pursued, the year of completion/expected to be completed, and relevant coursework.  

6. Mention your skill-set 

There are several skills required in the digital marketing industry few of them are listed below: 

  • Search engine optimization
  • Search engine marketing 
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Data analytics
  • Content optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Analytical tools 
  • E-commerce
  • Creativity 
  • Strategic marketing

Always add the relevant skills in the skill section so that the recruiter finds you eligible for the job profile. Make sure your mentioned skills match with the designation.

Keep the job advertisement with you and use the words mentioned in the ad. Your resume will become more relevant through this. 

7. Add extra resume information to stand unique

Extra resume information can include languages you know, any certifications you have, volunteer work, hobbies, interests, and other soft skills. These additional skills can easily outscore your resume in the thousands of resumes the company receives daily. 

8. Make sure your resume is ATS-friendly

Some companies scan the resumes if many applicants are there, and manual assessment is impossible. In such cases, a resume with appropriate keywords stands out; therefore, resume keywords and jobs should be used to make the resume more ATS-friendly (applicant tracking system).

9.  Close it with an appropriate cover letter

Hiring managers always prefer a resume enclosed with an appropriate cover letter. Start your cover letter with a catchy introduction and explain why you should be hired for the job. You must justify what makes you different from others and how you can add value to their company. Always mention the name of the company to show your interest.  

The Bottomline 

Building a resume for a digital marketing manager job is difficult, but these simple steps will make sure your resume makes a good impression on the recruiter. 

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