Google Cloud Platform – What is Cloud Computing?

Google Cloud Platform
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Cloud here refers to the internet where you can store and access your databases and software. It provides services for networking, analytics and storage.

It reduces your cost of maintaining it as you only pay for the cloud services, or some even allow you to use it for free. You don’t have to install them on your devices or build separate infrastructures, as they can be retrieved easily via the internet.

The data managed is stored at a data centre provided by your cloud service provider, and it is like a virtual infrastructure. 

What Is It & What Does It Do?

Google Cloud Platform allows you to store your data and analyse it in its own data centres located globally. It lets you build your storage and networking on the internet so that the additional cost of the hardware and making the required infrastructure is cut down.

It is essential for managing your data on a large scale with different needs at different times of the year. 

Backups, management, security of the data and utilisation are all managed by the products it provides. It works exceptionally well with digital marketing, as your strategies and tactics can now be processed by a virtual platform with techniques to monitor and analyse your data sets. 

How is digital marketing fueled With GCP?

With the ongoing demand of the online market and the rise in consumers over the internet, it has been one of the most challenging tasks to build a good (and even the best) user interface.

Customer experience and satisfaction are the key elements to doing a good business. However, going online does little to no help, and Google Cloud Platform kicks in to save the day in situations like this! 

It has to access and storing of data efficiently. By viewing the data, you could clearly understand your path to reach the target audience. And this only gets better with the additional analytics tools that GCP lets your hands grab on.

In building the retailer-customer relationship, analysing to know the demands can help you go a long way. 

If this wasn’t enough, we’ve still got the vast data security issues tackled with the protection Google provides since your company’s reputation lies on it.

Data privacy is something which can’t ever be overlooked while dealing with the trust of the users in your company! Digital marketing added with cloud computing is innovation. 

What services does it provides?

As we have already covered in the first section, storage and databases are the most basic services it provides.

Furthermore, the data too big to be handled by traditional applications or software–Big Data–can now be easily managed by cloud services these platforms provide. Networking and ML or Machine Learning are its functions as well. 

How to stor data  on Google Cloud Platforms?

For storing video files or images and audio, Cloud Storage is your call. For database management, choose Cloud SQL; and for keeping rapidly updated databases, go for Cloud Firestore.

It also has other AI tools to suit your needs and provide you with the most incredible experience in your data management. 

The 3 Well-Known Cloud Vendors

Cloud vendors are cloud computing service providers. Some of these vendors are well-acknowledged and have achieved fame worldwide for their services and products. The best three of them include:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure

Cloud computing services save a business from multiple hassles with their up-to-date provisions. These enhance the sphere of digital marketing and help build better dynamics. And in the tough competition that these service providers have been, Google Cloud Platform is a bright choice.

With a bundle of tech services and advancements, Google lets you use its cloud most efficiently. Although the current world is dominated by AWS or Amazon Web Services, Google seems to lag not too far from it. 


AI-powered tools and machine learning in-built systems help you get to reach up to the farthest of places on a virtual storage platform. Data privacy and security checks ensure you have your customers’ trust in safe hands when using the Google Cloud Platform. 

Also, when faced with the traditional ways of data storage and uses, GCP is cost-effective and provides the smoothest experience for individual users or businesses interested.

Now, collaboration is also made possible through developed technologies that help engage better in a workflow. And what sets apart Google from its rivals the most is that Google has the largest and most robust networks globally. 

According to reports, it is spread through 200+ countries, automatically giving it a massive scale to experiment and implement.

Using GCP will never let you down. And that’s a promise that comes with the experience of millions. 

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