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Google Analytics alternatives
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One of the most comprehensive tools for website analytics is Google Analytics. As digital marketing needs, these alternative analytics can provide advanced and essential data for everyone to understand, identify and improve user experience.

It is the first complex to set up and connect your digital marketing site. If you are new to digital marketing, you may also not understand much of the data that Google will provide you. The menu is sometimes so extensive it becomes hard to find what is needed.

Google Analytics Alternative

But if you need any help and any more straightforward solution to understand, the Google analytics alternative will help you out and becomes very handy for your digital marketing. So, let’s see to talk about  free and paid alternative google analytics.

1. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights has over three million active installs as this is very easy to install and use, even for beginners. You can easily connect to your google analytics account only by following straightforward steps, and there is also no need to edit WordPress files and even headers.

After installing monster insights, you can easily access your site’s report, which is very easy to understand. You can very well view your real-time data to check out your visitor geography, page views, customer behaviour and more. It will help you know how popular your digital marketing is being popularized.

However, even if you still need more for your digital marketing, MonsterInsights has many unique add-ons that let you make custom tracking and view those results very quickly. 

2. Exactmetrics

It is the best premium WordPress analytics used by over a million users. Exactmetrics help you to integrate your Google account with a click of a button.

This analytics tool allows you to handle your digital marketing more efficiently by helping you view real-time demographic reports and traffic and even help you to track links, forms, eCommerce, and many more.

This tool is available for free in the WordPress repository, and a lite version is available with basic features; the priced version is available for $99.50. This comprehensive package helps you understand your visitor to your digital marketing site better.

3. Matomo

This analytic tool is a WordPress analytic plugin that helps you find a better open-source alternative for your website analytics. It helps you view all your website statistics and allows you to maintain data simultaneously; hence, you can see all the stats and data of your digital marketing at once in the same place.

As soon as installed, this analytical tool helps you collect analytic data for your digital marketing website and aids in the data protection of your website. You will be able to see your visitors and acquisitions in your dashboard, and to avail of any advanced analytics feature, you need to get the premium version of this tool starting at $23.

4. Woopra

This analytic tool also helps you optimize every touchpoint of your customer visiting your online digital marketing site. This analytical tool helps you by showing you your usage trends and allows you to perform an analysis of your digital marketing site.

This tool helps you quickly understand and know whatever your customers are doing or looking for on your digital marketing site. 

This tool helps you by displaying much more customer data, viewed pages, and products or the most liked product.

With the help of Woopra, you can very well track and improve your customer experience on your website for a better rating.Woopra is at the top of the list among other analytic tool for a price starting at $349 per month.

5. Heap

It is the best analytical tool for capturing every detailed data of your visitor on your digital marketing site. Apart from having every feature as other analytical tools mentioned above, Heap also includes one of the best features, “auto-capture”, which tracks clicks and forms.

However, Heap does not come with any extensive reporting features like other analytic tools.Heap plans start at $3600 a year, helping you analyze up to 10,000 sessions a month.

6. Clicky

It is just a simple statistical plugin, not very popular. It provides only simple statistical data from your digital marketing site and includes analytics by accurately tracking every individual visiting your digital marketing site.

It also helps you get alert if your site somehow goes offline. The very Cheap price starts at $9.99 per month.

7. Mixpanel

It is used by thousands of companies and is considered the best google analytics alternative, allowing you to measure your user’s behaviour and their choice that can affect your online marketing business platform.

Many features are available to get good metrics of every visitor to your website. This tool helps you generate reports instantly according to your needs, but this tool is not very much user-friendly. It costs $25 per month.

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