How to Develop Your Digital Marketing Team

Digital Marketing Team
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With the increased digitization in the current world, every brand wants to develop a skilled digital marketing team that promotes their product online and generates revenue.

The perks of having an online presence are numerous, and it helps in reaching a variety of audiences in a single click. To achieve so, hiring appropriately skilled people is necessary. 

It doesn’t matter how new or unique your product is; if it doesn’t get advertised right, it will not succeed in the market. An effective digital marketing team ensures that the product grows by aligning the company’s vision, execution, and objective.

Although the task is time-consuming and requires discipline, it is possible to achieve heights if potential people are hired. To develop an effective digital marketing team of potential employees, a company needs to hire the following roles – 

1. Creative Team 

Creativity has become a requirement for every business. It helps present the company’s vision and product in a creative but cohesive way. It works on communicating ideas, designing ad campaigns, and forming brand imagery. These are the people who increase the website’s traffic and engagement for the company.

2. Content Team

A good content team gives a constructive image to the company’s vague ideas. The content team aims to create relevant and relatable content for the audience. They write blogs, articles, product descriptions, and emails. The team also needs to finalize the content that will be published on the various facets of the company. A person hired for this team should be versed with content creation software and tools.

3. SEO Team

The goal of having a search engine optimization team is to create campaigns and content that rank best on online platforms, especially Google. These people learn how to optimize the content according to google algorithms using keyword research and create the best, which ranks on google’s first page.

4. Graphic Designer 

A graphic design team will make your content more appealing. Creative content is a must, but engaging content is the demand. The audience should get attracted to the product through the designs of posters, ads, posts, content fonts, etc. Make sure anyone hired for the role is versed with graphic designing tools and software.

5. Email Marketing Team 

The email marketing team takes over the email promotions. They are responsible for designing convincing emails sent to the target audience and clients. All the emails received and to be sent are handled by this team.

6. Strategic Marketing Team

Strategizing execution by analyzing past performances helps in improving the market performance. Good strategic marketing team research on the audience and their responses to similar products help them to design better marketing strategies for the company. They are responsible for customer acquisition, and they help choose channels that will best match their digital marketing goals.

7. Paid Media Team 

Paid media team keeps track of the audience. The research over what the audience is searching for, where they are searching, their demands, their expectations, and where they are spending most of the time. The strategic marketing team then uses this data to decide where and how to promote the product. It also helps in searching for the target audience.

8. PR and Social Media Team 

PR and social media act as a connecting link between the audience and the company. They are the company’s face that will interact with the audience and ensure the best customer service. The social media team markets the brand story and voice to make any imagery of the product in the commercial market.


The size of a company’s digital marketing team can vary. The decision of hiring an entire group of people or a single employee for one role depends on the size of the business. Big businesses usually prefer to hire a team for one role as every aspect of digital marketing must be perfect. 

If we talk about hiring a content team, a big company of 500 employees would prefer to hire a content head, copywriter, blog-writer, social media post writer, and editor separately. Moreover, all the teams would work on a broader range of audiences and projects to reach the set goals. A small company of 50 employees should hire people who have flexible and transferable skills. People who can write and edit the content or design and publish the post simultaneously are preferred in such situations.

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