How to Get Traffic from Quora?


Quora is an American question and answer website where people ask questions about various topics and get answers to their queries. Quora is an emerging fascination that has given lots of benefits to its users. Regardless of the knowledge people get from the website, Quora has proved to be a huge potential source for generating traffic to blogs. But the question is how?

How to generate traffic from Quora for your blog?

Who doesn’t love to get traffic for one’s blog? There will be no use of wasting your energy on writing a blog if you have no audience to read it. Quora can fill this gap by getting a large amount of referral traffic to your blog. Referral traffic is the traffic that a website gets other than google.

No one can deny Quora’s ability to generate traffic for websites. Now the most important question is how to get this traffic? Getting traffic by Quora is not an ABC. Answering the questions on Quora can boost your blog. But everyone that writes on quora has not been successful in achieving their desired results. There are specific rules for writing answers. These might not upswing you instantly but will bear fruit more sooner than you expect. 

Let’s get started for a fun journey that will elevate you up on Quora

  • Get Started:

At this stage, before you start, you should be very clear in your mind about the domain you want to write about. This is the core of getting noted on Quora. If your domain is table tennis then you should answer questions related to this topic. If you poke your nose in cooking, then it might decrease your value in table tennis. Sticking up with your selected niche on Quora will make you prominent in that field. People will trust you. Writing on topics other than your specialty might lessen up your grip. 

Now firstly, you need to complete your sign up process on Quora by providing your details and selecting up to 10 areas of your interest. These areas of interest are the topics on which you would like to write about and give your opinion. You have to carefully choose these topics. Picking up overlapping topics that are directly related to your niche will help you to stand out in the future, e.g if your blog is related to indoor games you can choose various sports like table tennis, basketball, badminton, chess, etc.

  • Make your profile concrete:

Most people don’t pay much attention to their profile. But a strengthened profile will positively influence people in your near future for upvoting your maximum answers and going to the link provided by you. Thus you need to design a striking headline for your profile that will appear under your name. This will force your future audience to come to your profile and will establish your specialty as your credibility for your domain, and will motivate people to know more about you. You can provide more details about yourself in your profile summary. It is the section where you can add any details about yourself. Profile summaries of most successful Quora writers include:

  • Story of their life’s personal or professional experiences.
  • Links to their blogs or social media accounts.
  • Mention some of the distinguishable piece of work that adds to their achievement.
  • Write a note or fact that differentiates them from others.
  • Some top authorities on Quora also include their previous answers in summary. This sway people to read their answers and endorse them more easily. 
  • Many people choose to write on the customized topic that they had selected.

In short, your Quora profile is the key to gain credibility. By completing your profile, you can get more chances to get upvotes for your answers. And chances for people to reach out on your blog will increase gradually.

  • Answering Questions:

It is the main step that can give you links for your blog, but you should know how to turn it in your favor.

  • Choosing Questions:

Choose questions on very popular topics, that have a wide list of followers but have got fewer answers as compared to its followers. Questions having answers and follow ratio of 1:5 will be the best to answer.

If you don’t want to answer the question at that time then you can save that question to Answer later sections.

  • Answering:

Answering questions that have a uniqueness of your persona will distinguish you from other contributors. 

  • Start:

The best way to start an easy communication with people is to make them feel informal by sharing them with your personal opinions, emotions,  or an interesting incident. When you will start your answer this way, it will bewitch people and inspire them to form a bonding with you. They will value you and will want to know what you want to say.

  • Research:

In order to gain attention, you will need to put your time on Quora which will prove its worth in the future. Each and every question you answer on quora will require your similar effort. You need to search the topic deeply before answering. After you have command of the topic you can post your answer. 

Long and well-sourced answers to the questions are quite helpful in making you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Adding resources to your answer will establish concreteness in your answer and people can rely more on you. When you try to answer, try to cover all possible aspects of the question so no one has more material than you and break down your content into smaller subheadings for easy understanding of people. Thus more people will follow and upvote your answer. In addition, on answering a question that you are not sure about, Quora can show you the way out of its platform.

  • Visual Aids:

Quora has the option of adding images or videos for supporting your point. You just need to make use of this simple tool and you will soon be getting acceptability from millions of followers. Visual aid may be a simple graph or picture that helps people to better grasp a concept.

  • Don’t Tell Everything:

This is the most crucial step that you need to plan ahead and implement correctly. Blindly writing each and everything and then placing your link and telling people to follow it, will give you the biggest upset ever. You should provide all the details in your answer but omit out some of the details, in order to make people curious enough to follow your link. Place your link to the article that you want to associate with the answer, naturally in paragraph so that it doesn’t look abrupt. You will need to practice it. But it is the only trick that can bring traffic to your blog.

  •  Build a Quora Blog:

Based on your niche, you can also start your own blog on Quora. This will further strengthen your credibility in your quora circle. You can relate your own blog with your Quora blog.

  • Connect with other people:

You can promote your Quora blog and answers on social media platforms so that your content may get more exposure. You can also tag your answers to other prominent people in your circle who have answered before you. By doing this you will acknowledge their work.

Be Active:

In order to get the sweetness, you will have to add more sugar. By answering more and more questions you will be spotted as an active member. If not daily you can at least write an answer on Quora once a week.

Some Benefits of using Quora:

Free resource:

Yes, that’s true. Unlike paid guest posting or other ways of promoting your blog, you can get a substantial chunk of the audience that comes just by clicking a link present in your answered question. Your activity in a certain niche will generate generalized to a highly targeted audience that will read your answer and come to your blog to find more stuff. 

If you belong to the world of networking then you can easily add your videos, e-books or e-courses in your answers. People can then better relate with such a visual illustration.

Let’s make a real-world scenario. Suppose you are selling Sports equipment. Table Tennis racket, in particular, the first thing you need to do is pull up all answers related to ping pong and answer them one by one and mention your product naturally where it fits in. 

Don’t just spam links on quora. Make sure you are providing value before putting your links otherwise, they will kick you out and all your efforts are wasted. 

Read this post on quora a guy is genuinely asking about the best table tennis racket he or she should buy. Now you can answer very thoroughly and giving your website linking without being a jerk.  

The person who right answered the question got 38,000 views! That is insane. 

Get Featured:

By providing deeply researched answers to questions on Quora you can establish yourself as an authority. That will not only increase your demand within the Quora community that will request you to answer certain types of questions but you can also make your name through the quora’s newsletter ‘Quora digest’, where thousands of people will read your answer. This can tremendously boost your upvoting. This is not an end to your journey, many major publishings rely on Quora answers and are affiliated with and source answers directly from Quora. E.g Nicholas Cole who just gained fame by writing on Quora has been sited on The Time, The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Forbes, and many others.

Content Ideas:

There are always numerous things to learn and no one can be perfect. Quora is a platform where you enter in the world of ideas. As a blogger, one always needs ideas in order to come up with fresh content every time.

And the last and the foremost:

Quora is a source of long term traffic:

This is the most amazing benefit of Quora that you will ever get. Link your place once, and it will be a longterm reason for traffic to your blog. Quora is a famous site that is used by every second person. So, you can get upvotes for your answers or links to your site for years. E.g there are many authorities on Quora that posted their links on Quora 5-6 years back and are still getting traffic due to their that answer.